Went to meet Aaftab Poonawala’s kin to discuss marriage but his brother didn’t let us in: Shraddha Walkar’s dad | Mumbai News – Times of India

MUMBAI: As new revelations on the assault that murder victim Shraddha Walkar faced surface, her father Vikas on Saturday revealed his wife’s deteriorating health had compelled them to meet her accused boyfriend Aaftab Poonawala‘s family in Vasai in December 2019 but his younger brother, Asad, did not allow them to even enter their home. Shraddha’s mother passed away a month later in January 2020.
Vikas has also expressed surprise at the sudden move of Aaftab’s family from Vasai, raising doubts in his mind of their “possible knowledge of the crime”. Aaftab’s family had moved from their Diwanman home in Vasai (West) two weeks before the murder came to light on November 11.

Aaftab had helped them shift out.
Speaking to mediapersons over phone from his Vasai home, Vikas, who had come face-to-face with Aaftab in Delhi police lockup, said, “Police should question Aaftab’s family.”
Vikas recalled how and his wife and sister-in-law had visited Aaftab’s family home in Vasai in December 2019. Shraddha had left home to live with Aaftab in 2019. As Shraddha’s mother was unwell, they decided to agree to her marriage to Aaftab. “We called up Shraddha asking her to get married at the earliest as her mother was unwell. She refused. Despite that we visited Aaftab’s parents’ home but could not meet them,” said Vikas.

After Shraddha’s mother passed away, she spoke about marrying Aaftab but Vikas asked his daughter to wait as they were in mourning. “That too could have angered her as she never gave her home addresses and insisted on living with Aaftab,” said Vikas, adding his daughter had never mentioned about the abusive relationship she shared with Aaftab. She is believed to have confided in her mother though.
Shraddha’s friends have said she was in touch with Aaftab’s parents who allegedly were aware of the torture she faced at the hands of their son.

While moving, Aaftab’s family told residents of the building-where they lived for over two decades-about shifting closer to Mumbai as Asad had got a job in the city. They also spoke of commuting issues as Aaftab’s father Amin, a wholesale shoe supplier, had to visit Kandivli and Malad.
Police sources said Amin has been in Delhi since his son’s arrest. He, though, did not make it to court when Aaftab was produced. It is not known if his statement has been recorded. Manickpur police claim to have no information about Aaftab family’s whereabouts.

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