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AHMEDABAD: Time has now come for people to generate income from electricity instead of getting it for free, PM Narendra Modi said on Thursday in an apparent dig at AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal’s poll promise of providing power without charge. Modi also accused Congress of criticising him relentlessly rather than working for Gujarat’s progress.
The PM is on a whirlwindcampaign tour for the December assembly elections in the state. He addressed rallies in Palanpur, Modasa, Dehgam and Bavla. Citing the example of India’s first fully solar-powered village, Modi said in Modasa: “You must have seen how the entire Modhera village is now running on rooftop solar power. People are using electricity as per their need and selling excess power (to the government). I want to replicate this system across Gujarat,” he said.
“Under this system, you can earn money by selling excess electricity generated from solar panels. Only Modi knows this art wherein people will be able to earn from electricity,” he said. Kejriwal has been claiming that he is the only politician in the country who has “mastered this magic of providing free electricity”. Modi said now the farmers are themselves generating electricity through solar panels installed on unused corners of their fields. “They can also sell surplus electricity and earn money. The era of demanding affordable electricity is over,” he said. In Dehgam, the PM said opposition party functionaries are devoid of any vision for developing Gujarat as they are busy criticising him all the time. “Instead of finding solutions to problems of the slum dwellers, Congress used to just throw some pieces towards them. We are also working forempowerment of the poor and middle class,” he said.
Modi also accused Congress of “divide and rule” policy and focussing only on how to be in government. He said Congress has ignored Gandhian values, which resulted in villages of Gujarat suffering from utter neglect for years.
“Mahatma Gandhi used to say that the soul of India resides in its villages. But Congress never cared to follow such Gandhian values. They actually trampled that soul,” he said in Bavla near Ahmedabad.
Modi also charged Congress with fomenting rifts between villages and cities. “Congress only tried to benefit from these conflicts,” he said.
Talking about education, he said the BJP government has transformed this sector in the state and made it more scientific and modern. “Gujarat’s education budget has now gone up to Rs 33,000 crore, more than the total budget outlay of several states,” he said. In Palanpur, Modi said: “This election is not about who will become an MLA or whose government will come. This election is all about deciding Gujarat’s destiny for the next 25 years. ” He said the BJP government has focussed on tourism, environment, water, cattle-rearing and nutrition aspects for the overall development of Banaskantha and the surrounding region.

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