Pulwama row: Rahul Gandhi Distances Himself From Digvijaya Singh, Calls Senior Congress Leader’s Statement ‘Ridiculous’ -WATCH

The Congress party is badly stuck after senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh raised questions about the surgical strike. Now former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has distanced himself from his statement. The Congress MP said, “We don’t appreciate Digvijaya Singh’s personal views. His views are outlying views. We are absolutely clear that the Armed Forces do their job exceptionally well and they do not need to provide proof of that.”

Rahul Gandhi, during a press conference on Tuesday, said that the views of the party are above Digvijaya Singh’s personal views. He said, “We are a democratic party, we are not a dictatorship, we don’t run our party on principals of coercion, we don’t appreciate Mr Digvijay’s personal views… His views are outline views.” Rahul Gandhi also called Singh’s statement “ridiculous”. He said, “We have the view that the armed forces do a job, and they do a job exceptionally well. They do not need to be proven for anything. I am sorry to say this about a senior leader but he said a ridiculous thing.” 

On Monday, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said on Twitter that Digvijaya Singh’s views do not reflect the position of the party, which supports all military actions that are in the national interest. He said, “The views expressed by senior leader Digvijaya Singh are his own and do not reflect the position of Congress. Surgical strikes were carried out before 2014 by the UPA government. Congress has supported and will continue to support all military actions that are in the national interest.”

Let us inform you that there has been an uproar in the political corridors after senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh’s statement on the Pulwama attack and surgical strike. Singh’s statement drew sharp criticism from the BJP, which accused the Congress party of ‘insulting’ the armed forces. Singh said, “They (the Centre) keep harping on surgical strikes. They talk about how many were killed in surgical strikes but there is no proof of that.”

In a tweet in Hindi later, Singh said, “From where did the terrorists get 300 kg of RDX in the Pulwama incident? DSP Davinder Singh was caught with terrorists, but then why was he released? We also want to know about the friendship between the prime ministers of Pakistan and India.” In his video message attached to the tweet, Singh said 40 CRPF personnel sacrificed their lives in Pulwama, but this government has not been able to reveal from where three quintals of RDX came.

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