Mood Indigo! IIT Bombay gears up to hold its cultural festival in December

Mumbai: The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay is the leading technical institution in the country. It has an incredible legacy and is known for producing industry leaders in each and every field.

Mood Indigo is the annual college cultural festival of IIT Bombay and is known as Asia’s Largest College Cultural Festival. Mood Indigo is a 51-year-old legacy that continues to grow and reach new heights. It is the dedication and devotion of the students that make Mood Indigo a trendsetter.

Mood Indigo is ready to bring the spirits up high with enlightening talks, enticing competitions, and adrenaline-pumping concerts for its 52nd edition. After three years of patience, we have finally receded back to normalcy, and so has Mood Indigo, this time in its true colour and form. With numerous events assorted for us, the wait is finally coming to an end. The four-day festival is set to take place from the 27th to 30th of December 2022.

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An unending list of international legends like MAGIC! Mike Portnoy, Porcupine Tree, Simple Plan, and Sander Van Doorn performed at the fest. To keep alive the tradition of bringing down artists from around the globe to India, this year the New York pop-rock band American Authors will perform at Mood Indigo on 29th December. Mood Indigo touches the souls of everyone and anyone that associates with it and presents you with a chance to celebrate all that creates pirouetting bursts of euphoria.

The best part? Mood Indigo is completely free for all college students! All you need is a College ID and a MI number, which you get on registering at

So, pack your bag and grab your friends to experience four days filled with love, laughter, wonder, and joy that waits for you, and that you’ll surely cherish forever.

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