India to remain unaffected during Global Recession, believes famous astrologer Pankaj Khanna

The global market has gone to grass with declining market conditions. There has been a convincing verdict of a Global Recession hitting internationally. While everyone is preparing for the bad times to come, famous astrologer Pankaj Khanna has made his prediction and says this will not affect India. Pankaj Khanna has been in this field for over 2 decades and his predictions have always been accurate and to the point. Back in April 2020, when everyone was saying that Covid will end in 5-6 months; Mr. Pankaj Khanna said that covid would continue to linger on till August 2022; he also predicted the timeline of the Covid waves back then.

None of his predictions have ever gone wrong to date.

He owns Khanna Gems, an entity of astrological gemstones and healing crystals.

Regarding the current Global slowdown, Pankaj Khanna in his prediction says, “The global economic slowdown or recession will not impact India. India’s GDP will continue to rise & the period from February, 2022 to December 2025 will be a golden period for the Indian economy and all the sectors of the country will flourish like never before.” 

Furthermore, he added, “World is changing and so will the market. India is a peak for the global market and its importance internationally will make it a focal point. Indians should not get stressed by seeing what all is happening with the west and should just be focused on work as the stars are in favour of India till 2025!”

Pankaj Khanna was amongst the few who brought astrology to the Internet. He has been working rigorously to remove the misconceptions people have about this field. His astronomical observations and scientific approach make his predictions accurate and on point. Top industrialists, politicians & celebrities consult him before taking any important decision.

Link for his latest video regarding the recession:

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