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Patna: In a bid to trace a liquor mafia member, Gaya police quizzed his parrot in expectation of getting any hint about his whereabouts – but to no avail, as per a video going viral on social media.
The incident occurred on Tuesday night when a team of Gurua police station, headed by sub-inspector Kanhaiya Kumar went into the village to arrest Amrit Mallah, but by the time the police reached his home, everyone from his family had already fled the scene, leaving behind his caged parrot.

Gaya police quiz parrot toget clue about liquor mafia

Even as the cops failed to trace anyone in the home, a squawking sound by the parrot drew their attention and they moved towards the caged parrot. Out of sheer curiosity, a cop even asked some questions from the parrot to get some clues about his owner’s whereabouts.
“Ae totwa, kahan gaya tumhara malik? Amrit Mallah kahan gaya? (Hey parrot, where has Amrit Mallah gone? Where is your owner? They left you alone in the home)?” asked SI Kanhaiya Kumar. What was peculiar that the parrot remained silent when inquired about its owner, but it began squawking on being addressed as “Mithu”.
The police inspector Kumar said he hoped he could get some clues about the absconding family members from the parrot since they are known to understand the man’s language but it went on talking about “katore-katore” (plates) only.
In liquor-banned Bihar, the police have been under tremendous pressure to check smuggling of alcohol. In the past two years, more than 2.54 lakh people have been arrested for violating the liquor law.

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