From Anita Hassanandani to Charu Asopa, TV actresses’ post-pregnancy weight loss journey | The Times of India

Puja had lost 10 kgs right 6 weeks after her delivery, she had shared that she was even dealing with Post-Pregnancy Depression and amid her battle, she chose to get back in shape. In an exclusive conversation with BT, she shared, ‘I don’t have a nanny for my child, so I could not work out, but I went on a diet. I stopped eating carbs and sugar. In the evenings, I used to have light dinners that included soup and grilled chicken. I kept having fruits throughout the day. I have lost almost 10 kilos now and feel much more confident. Running after my child gave me a good workout. Seeing my husband climb 36 floors when he could not go to the gym also inspired me to become fitter.’

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