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NEW DELHI: Union home minister Amit Shah on Thursday said the BJP is committed to bring the Uniform Civil Code after all democratic debates and discussions are concluded.
Shah was questioned about if J&K was his greatest accomplishment during his time serving as the home minister and whether India’s actions had made a signal to the rest of the globe. He retorted that drastically improved situation in Jammu and Kashmir was not his personal achievement but of the entire Modi government.
Speaking at the Times Now Summit 2022 which kicked off in New Delhi today, Shah said, “Many had warned the Narendra Modi government not to touch Article 370 or else it will burn its hands. However, the BJP leader added, the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir is now thriving.”
Shah also said it is the BJP’s promise to the people of this country from the Jan Sangh days.
“Not only the BJP, the Constituent Assembly had also advised the Parliament and states to bring UCC at an opportune time, because for any secular country, laws should not be on the basis of religion. If nation and state are secular, how can laws be based on religion? For every believer, there should be one law passed by Parliament or the state Assemblies,” Shah said.
Over a period of time, this commitment of the Constituent Assembly was forgotten, the home minister claimed.
“Except the BJP, no other party is in favour of the Uniform Civil Code. In a democracy, healthy debate is a necessity. There is a need for open and healthy debate on the issue,” he said.
The home ministry said in three BJP ruled states, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Gujarat, a panel under the chairmanship of retired Supreme Court and High Court chief justices has been formed where people of different faith are putting forth their views.
“We will take action on the basis of recommendations coming after this exercise. The BJP is committed to bring UCC once all democratic discussions are over,” he said.
He also reiterated that in Gujarat, contest is between BJP and Congress. “We will beat all records in terms of seat and vote percentage in Gujarat.”
Speaking on the allegations of misuse of ED, CBI, Shah said, “Anyone having grievance can go to courts. It should not be seen with political colour.”

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