Bigg Boss 16: Sajid Khan reveals he didn’t have enough money to perform his father’s last rites; shares, ‘Salim uncle helped me with money’ – Times of India

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 16 was filled with drama and massive fights. Archana Gautam and Sajid Khan end up in a nasty war of words that escalates into abuses and emotional outbursts. Both of them include their parents in the fight and make it a personal war.

When Archana takes Sajid’s father’s name, he loses his cool and the fight becomes loud. Sajid is asked to go to the medical room amid the fight. Sajid asks Bigg Boss to call him into the confession room or else he will not eat. Everyone tries to convince him but he refuses to eat.

Later, Sajid starts crying and talks about his father. He shares, ‘Soch, ek 14 saal ka bacha rickshaw pakad ke ja raha hai kuch rishtedaaron ke ghar yeh puchne ki daddy off hogaye hai kuch mil sakta hai kya (money). Ek rishtedaar aisa tha, usne servant ko bola ki usko bolo main ghar pe nahi hu aur main nikal gaya wahan se aur rote rote ja raha tha. Mummy ke side ke rishtedaar the unhone help kiya mayaat ke liye. Lekin jo aadmi ne help kiya na woh tha Salman Khan ka papa Salim Uncle. Daaru pee ke mare the mere papa mere saamne, poora liver phat gaya tha, aankh se khoon, muh se khoon, 2 min mein bistar mein guzar gaye. Jahan pe maine dafnaya tha na waha Salim uncle aaye the aur unhone mujhe paise diye. Un paison se maine 2 mahine ka rashan bhara tha, bijli ka bill bhara tha.’ (I was just 14 when my father passed away, I went to my relatives’ place with news to ask for financial help, but one of them lied and asked his servant to say he wasn’t at home. I left his place crying as I didn’t know what to do. My maternal relatives helped with the farewell. My father had died in front of my eyes due to alcoholism, his liver burst and he was bleeding from his eyes and mouth. The only person who actually helped at that time was Salman Khan’s father, uncle Salim. He came to the Kabristan and handed over some cash, with that money I bought a ration for 2 months and paid my electricity bill.)

Abdu, Nimrit, Shiv and MC Stan stay with him and calm him down. They ask him to eat food and later Bigg Boss calls Shiv and Nimrit and talks about the issue. He asks their views on Sajid Khan’s condition of not eating food till the time he is called in the confession room. Shiv and Nimrit both agree that Sajid is not right and they take the matter into their hands to convince him to eat food.

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